Customized Snow Removal Forecasts

November 24, 2017
Hurricane Season is Here!
June 1, 2018

Customized Snow Removal Forecasts

Hello winter. By our count, we’re on the 8th round of snow and ice removal for the season.

In developing services like Preparecast, we focused on how we could better aid weather dependent businesses when they are needed the most. Sifting through countless weather apps and websites takes away valuable time from working on your business plan, removing the latest snowfall, or communicating with your clients. Customized plow and snow removal forecasts were the first step in creating the foundation for our preparatory forecast service.

Apps and national websites bring in raw computer model data, with little or no human interaction. That data can’t recognize microclimates like mountain valleys or island. However, a trusted and certified meteorologist, who’s lived in Maine for the last 6+ years, understands the small nuances that can make or break a forecast and the needs of your company.

Partnering with local businesses brings collaboration to home front, and that’s what we did with Richardson Landscape Service. The idea was new and intriguing, and Nor’easter Weather Consulting was able to trial and launch it with a highly respected local company. Our kids play basketball together, and while the Richardson’s cheer from the sidelines or even referee, Mallory’s sometimes spotted working on the RLS forecast during half-time or between games. The forecast hit’s RLS’s inbox just in time for them to prepare for the next bout of winter weather. It’s a seamless partnership that has been beneficial in all aspects.

After about a month of working exclusively with RLS, we opened our Preparecast service to the community and state of Maine, and some inquiries even coming in from other New England states. We’ve had several more clients come on in the last two weeks, including Rangeley Public Works and the Crooked River Snowmobile Club. More on our recreational outlooks in the next post…

If you are a weather dependent business that has been let down one too many times from a poor app forecast, look no further for a local forecast solution. Contact Nor’easter Weather Consulting today!


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