Accuracy When It Matters Most

We aim to socialize, entertain, and live life outdoors – but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Sign up for weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time weather forecasts to make sure you’re not caught in the rain. Whether it’s an outdoor concert, or a marathon through the heart of your hometown, use our impact weather summaries to stay one step ahead of the weather.

With outlooks starting as far out as 10 days, adjustments in your planning can be made days in advance instead of at the last minute. It’s a quick and easy way to ensure your preparation doesn’t get snowed out.

We have several pricing options to fit your needs and your budget

Unique quotes tailored to your needs

What is our pricing model?

Our forecasting solutions are used in various event, seasonal, recreational, and resort industries for use in many diverse needs and applications. Because of this, each instance is unique. We follow a personalized pricing model based the frequency, specialization, fidelity, and number of locations you need for your business.

What do you get after submitting a request for a quote?

  • Personalized pricing information
  • No pressure product recommendations based on your needs and application requirements
  • A sample forecasts from a previous weather event (at your request)
  • A no obligation one-on-one call with one of our weather specialists to identify the best solution for your business and your budget

Get started by filling out the contact form as thoroughly as possible. We will follow up shortly and schedule a call to review your requirements. This will help us make appropriate recommendations and provide the most accurate pricing.

Sounds good…But I have an app for that!

It’s true – there are a plethora of weather apps out there. However, the precision and accuracy of those for a pinpoint location when it matters most are low. Point and click forecasts from an app typically deliver raw, unrefined, low-resolution computer model data. This information has no human interaction or adjustments made to it given real-world circumstances. Topographic features like mountains, lakes, and even islands are missed by the models and microclimates are lost. This would include elements like pop-up storms, mountain-induced showers, a sea breeze, etc., which can have major impacts on your event.

Count on me to adequately analyze and understand what’s going on in your location – which is crucial when the adverse weather potentially impacts your most important day. An example of this was on July 1st – when we broke the record the number of tornadoes in a single day in Maine. There were 175 people celebrating and dancing at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn in Norway as tornado warnings were issued. The venue owners called on me, and I analyzed several parameters to ultimately give them the all clear. Having that confidence and peace of mind is priceless on your most special day.


  • “Mallory was instrumental in making July 4th Portland’s Stars and Stripes Spectacular, the largest event in the state of Maine, a success. Her EventForecaster gave us the ability to make event decisions based on accurate and exact weather forecasts based on our event location. As a result 50,000 people could again safely enjoy Independence Day in Portland.”
    Tim Reardon
    July 4th Portland