Accuracy When It Matters Most

From food to favors, you can guarantee everything you want will be there on your wedding day. However, the one thing you can’t buy is perfect weather. Rest assured that the most accurate forecast can be at your fingertips or in your hands by partnering with White Gold Wedding Forecasts. With packages starting as low as $199, you’ll receive pinpoint weather forecasts zeroed in on your wedding venue, ceremony site, and even guests traveling into town. A private login is available so you can share these personalized forecasts with family and friends as they prepare for your Big Day.

We can meet one on one, in Maine or virtually to discuss your venue and weather-related matters pertaining to its location and orientation. Using experience from forecasting northern New England’s many microclimates along with high-resolution computer model data, you’ll receive one or several customized forecasts in the two weeks leading up to your wedding. From an hourly weather forecast to 10-day outlook – you and your guests will know exactly what to expect for your big day.

We have five packages to fit your needs and your budget

I Dew

Receive a weekend outlook two days before your wedding, including any potential weather impacts.

    Something Blew

    • Receive three forecasts: 10-day outlook, 5-day outlook, and 1-day forecast.
    • The 10 & 5-day outlooks outline the temperature and precipitation extremes.
    • The 1-day forecast is for morning, afternoon and evening, of your wedding day, covering temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, wind, and humidity, delivered the day before your Big Day.

    Cirrusly In Love

    • Includes the entire "Something Blew" package.
    • Receive 5 forecasts: 10-day and 5-day outlooks, 2-day and 1-day forecasts, and morning weather summary on your Big Day.
    • Your Big Day Forecast summary will list any potential weather impacts for the wedding time frame

    Flood My Heart

    • Includes the entire "Cirrusly In Love" package.
    • Receive 5 forecasts: 10-day and 5-day outlooks, 2-day and 1-day forecasts, and Big Day Forecast.
    • Your Big Day Forecast comes in a 3-hour tabular format with the 5 weather variables expected for each time frame.
    • 2 hours of weather monitoring on your wedding day, should the weather be impactful to outdoor festivities

    Clouds & Vows

    • Includes the entire "Flood My Heart" package.
    • Receive 5 forecasts: 10-day and 5-day outlooks, 2-day and 1-day forecasts, and Big Day Forecast.
    • Your Big Day Forecast comes in an hourly tabular format from 8am-8pm with the 5 weather variables expected for each time frame.
    • Mallory will be onsite for your wedding monitoring weather conditions and informing planners if impactful weather arises

    We also have add-ons to enhance your wedding experience:

    Private web login for guests to view forecasts +$149

    Travel forecast for incoming guests:

    • from one location +$99
    • from two locations +$149
    • from four locations +$299

    Monitoring of forecast for packages 1-3

    (if available, need 48 hours notice):

    Framed copy of your Big Day Forecast +$129

    Sounds good…But I have an app for that!

    It’s true – there are a plethora of weather apps out there. However, the precision and accuracy of those for a pinpoint location when it matters most are low. Point and click forecasts from an app typically deliver raw, unrefined, low-resolution computer model data. This information has no human interaction or adjustments made to it given real-world circumstances. Topographic features like mountains, lakes, and even islands are missed by the models and microclimates are lost. This would include elements like pop-up storms, mountain-induced showers, a sea breeze, etc., which can have major impacts on your event.

    Count on me to adequately analyze and understand what’s going on in your location – which is crucial when the adverse weather potentially impacts your most important day. An example of this was on July 1st – when we broke the record the number of tornadoes in a single day in Maine. There were 175 people celebrating and dancing at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn in Norway as tornado warnings were issued. The venue owners called on me, and I analyzed several parameters to ultimately give them the all clear. Having that confidence and peace of mind is priceless on your most special day.


    • “Having accurate and up-to-date customized forecast information should be an absolute must for your wedding weekend. Let Mallory take the guesswork out of your planning.”
      Fausto Pifferrer & Reuben Bell
      Blue Elephant Events and Catering
    • “Mallory’s value to us was cemented in July when we had the tornado threat. I had 175 people in a barn with a wall of windows and tornadoes on the horizon.”
      Micki Fratianne
      Granite Ridge Estate & Barn
    Let’s connect. We look forward to learning about your special wedding day! Our goal is to ensure you’re prepared to have the perfect day, no matter the weather conditions. Please provide your preferred contact information and we’ll arrange a time that works for you.