About Us

About The Company

Nor’easter Weather Consulting was developed in 2017 to give consumers pinpoint weather forecasting that goes beyond the accuracy of your standard weather app. Point and click forecasts from an app or website typically deliver unrefined, raw, low-resolution computer model data. Topographic features like mountains, lakes, and islands are missed by these models and microclimates are lost. NWC goes beyond the technology, adding comprehensive knowledge of the weather to create the most precise forecast for your needs.

Mission Statement

Nor’easter Weather Consulting provides pinpoint forecasting and atmospheric insights.  Count on us to deliver the most accurate forecast for what’s most important to your needs. We provide you with up to the minute forecasts using the highest resolution computer models and extensive knowledge of the weather.

Mallory Brooke

Mallory Brooke is a certified meteorologist and Penn State graduate that has been forecasting across the northeast and mid-Atlantic for over 10 years. First forecasting in Virginia, Mallory moved to Maine in 2011, ready to take on the snowy winters of New England. Mallory spent years studying the microclimates that make weather extremely difficult to forecast, including mountain meteorology. Her precise winter weather forecasting has landed her the role of Official Meteorologist for the Audi FIS World Cup at Killington in 2016 & 2017. When Mallory’s not forecasting the weather, she’s out in it – an avid runner, hiker, skier, and six-time triathlete and top fundraiser for Maine Cancer Foundation’s Tri For A Cure.