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Weather apps extract raw data from computer models. Any human interaction rarely occurs from the time the information leaves the computer model and hits your phone.

While not a big deal on sunny, clear days, it’s certainly not the focused information weather-dependent businesses need during impactful weather situations. Aside from the National Weather Service, national weather websites typically have a single forecaster creating forecasts for 25-40% of the country.

Generalizations in weather patterns lead to missed microclimate factors which can have huge repercussions on the forecast. Utilizing a meteorological consultant provides the most accurate weather forecast possible tailored to your company’s needs.

Mallory Brooke holds the highly coveted Certified Consulting Meteorologist seal from the American Meteorological Society, and is one of four CCM’s in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Nor’easter Weather Consulting prides itself on accuracy and consistency. Clients can always reach the forecaster via phone or email for further discussion on forecast concerns and details.

Our focus remains on weather-dependent businesses and providing them the information needed in the short-term and long-term to aid in confident decision-making.

We work with utilities, the ski industry, plow contractors, the transportation industry, event coordinators, and wedding planners.

Months and even years of planning go into creating the perfect wedding day. Events with components outdoors are subject to one uncontrollable element – the weather.

Nor’easter Weather Consulting provides date climatology, 5 to 10-day outlooks, detailed 1 to 3-day outlooks, and day of forecasts & monitoring.
Outdoor weddings, especially in the summer, can be interrupted by pop-up showers and storms.

Our radar monitoring service can warn your planner and venue with enough notice to move wedding elements inside and let the storm pass. This allows Plan A to continue through your dream wedding day.

NWC works with over 20 ski areas from Maine, south to Pennsylvania, and west to Michigan. Snowmaker has been developed and enhanced by mountain operations teams and executives in the ski industry.

On top of providing daily forecasts focused on snowmaking, planning, and potential weather hazards, NWC is focused on the broader climate picture at hand. In gathering data from resorts, deeper insights concerning climate change will glean a brighter light on how ski seasons are changing in the east.

While the majority of Nor’easter Weather Consulting’s client base is focused in the eastern United States, particularly the Great Lakes and Northeast, NWC can provide forecasts throughout North America.